“Fun Home” Ain’t Fun

It’s dangerous.

Unpopular opinion: Fun Home, the off-Broadway Tony award-winning hit based on the graphic novel by MacArthur genius grant recipient Alison Bechdel, commits harmful erasures.


This is a belated posting, but my review of Fun Home explores the ways silence and ignorance reify oppressive social structures.

*TW sexual violence, pedophilia

The Second Coming

second coming

September’s issue of Las Vegas’ Downtown Zen magazine is here, and ya girl’s on the cover & the homepage as the fiction feature. My short story about Elvis returning to Sin City, “The Second Coming,” with original illustrations by Salvatore Napoli, is available in the print magazine throughout downtown Vegas & online now!

sep cover dtzen

Sex & The Second City

I recently saw Sex and The Second City at the Alliance Theatre’s Hertz Stage.  Though I was familiar with The Second City through their famous alumni, I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of a production–a mix of improv and traditional theater, Sex and The Second City was supposed to veer slightly from The Second City’s usual brand of improvised comedy, sticking to a semblance of plot and supporting a structure, no matter how wobbly.

Ultimately, I was less enthused by the writing than I was with the performances, which were hilarious in some key moments, though most often falling short of a real “LOL.”

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