Kayla Miller

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Kayla Miller is rambunctious. She’s also an award-winning queer woman writer. She holds an MFA in fiction from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and a BA in English Literature-Creative Writing from Agnes Scott College. She was born and raised in Georgia, where she swam the sometimes backwards, sometimes strange waters of the salty South.


She has been publishing both fiction and creative nonfiction since 2010. Kayla Miller is the author of the chapbook See & Be Seen & Be Scene, the 2014 fiction winner of Five [Quarterly]‘s e-chapbook competition, and the recipient of numerous scholastic and creative awards, including the Talbot International Award and the Janef Newman Preston Prize for Fiction. The Creative Work page houses a complete list of her publication credits and links. See & Be Seen & Be Scene

She’s also been freelancing since 2010. Her Reviews & Clips can be found in Atlanta Magazine, Georgia Tech AlumniCreative Loafing Atlanta, EDGE Atlanta, EDGE Las Vegas, Downtown Zen, and DTLV.

Currently, she’s shopping two full-length works: a Southern Gothic novel and a short story collection. Four excerpts of her novel have been published. She teaches English and works as a writing consultant at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas; she also writes as a freelance entertainment and theater reviewer. She loves coffee, leopard print, and dogs. For CV or to give a holler, email kaylaiswriting@gmail.com.


One thought on “Kayla Miller

  1. Hey, Kayla! Just discovered your website via Instagram. Can’t wait to explore it and read all your writing! #kaylasbiggestfan haha. Missing you, your awesome readings, and your amazing singing voice all the way from Budapest. Hope to see you when we get back!

    Timea (& Jack)


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