Kayla Miller

Kayla Miller is a writer, instructor, & dog lover. She’s an award-winning queer woman writer who holds an MFA in English/Creative Writing (fiction) from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and a BA in English Literature-Creative Writing from Agnes Scott College. She hails from the salty South; before Vegas, she was born and raised in small town Georgia.See & Be Seen & Be Scene

She has been publishing fiction and creative nonfiction since 2010. She headlined the 2017 Agnes Scott Writers Festival alongside Claudia Rankine and Patrick Phillips, and her fiction chapbook See & Be Seen & Be Scene, was the 2014 fiction winner of Five [Quarterly]‘s e-chapbook competition. She is the recipient of numerous scholastic and creative awards, including the Talbot International Award and the Janef Newman Preston Prize for Fiction. The Creative Work page houses a complete list of her publication credits and links.

Currently, she’s shopping two full-length works: a Southern Gothic novel and a short story collection. Four excerpts of her novel have been published. For CV, email kaylaiswriting@gmail.com.

One thought on “Kayla Miller

  1. Hey, Kayla! Just discovered your website via Instagram. Can’t wait to explore it and read all your writing! #kaylasbiggestfan haha. Missing you, your awesome readings, and your amazing singing voice all the way from Budapest. Hope to see you when we get back!

    Timea (& Jack)


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