In 2010, PANK Magazine was the first literary journal I ever submitted to. Seven years later, I am damn excited to say my story, “I Dream of Jeannie,”* is on their homepage (direct link here)! And damn thankful this writerly dream has become reality.

*tw sexual violence


John Wayne in Santa Fe

I’m so excited to share that one of my short-short stories from a series de/recontextualizing “icons” of masculinity, “John Wayne Learns He Is a Woman in Barcelona,” was recently published in Issue 9 of the Santa Fe Writers Project Quarterly! In it, I hope to investigate constructions of whiteness and masculinity, and how narratives of imperialism and power reify these constructions.

BMI’s 2nd Annual Contrarian Lecture

Back in February, I was part of the opening line-up for the 2nd Biannual Jim Rogers Contrarian Lecture hosted by Black Mountain Institute (BMI), a literary nonprofit in Las Vegas. Each of the openers were tasked with presenting a two-minute “micro” contrarian lecture.

BMI’s website recently uploaded video from the event. Unfortunately, the video’s settings don’t allow me to embed it, but ya girl comes on at 14:25.

My contrarian micro essay, “On Gratitude,” (briefly!) discusses queer visibility in a capitalist culture.

We’ll never be “Royal”

I’m stoked to post that “Royal” has found its home at The Woven Tale Press!

With this, my first fairy tale, I hope to discuss cultural and capitalistic premiums placed on whiteness and power. The issue (Vol. V #3) is live and free to read online with a subscription!